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Social Media Success : 3 Things Money Can’t Buy

social media sugar cube“Money can’t buy you love”

This is as true in the digital world as it is in the real world.

If you want love for your small business on the Internet, you’re going to have to work for it.

Here are 3 things you cannot buy, but may have thought you could:

  1. Real ‘Likes’ on Facebook.  There are businesses out there that will offer you this, and it isn’t worth a cent.  Last month Facebook began removing ‘Likes’ on Pages that are identified as fakes .
  2. Lots and lots of backlinks to your Website, because “backlinks” are the new “keywords”. Not so. A few quality backlinks are better than having a big quantity of backlinks.
  3. Awesome SEO – overnight! Forget it. If a company promises to deliver overnight success for your website with miracle SEO, then they are ripping you off.

The only way you are going to do the above three is by building your online reputation honestly and genuinely, just as you have had to do with your clients face-to-face. However, what attracts your clients to your business offline may not always be the same features that will bring them to your Website online.

Start with quality content that draws people in. Then follow-up with good content regularly, based on feedback monitored from social media and email responses.  When it comes to website analytics and metrics, it takes time to test and re-test what works.  Measure your Website traffic and find out what is attracting visitors, then focus on that in your content. A balance of key words, backlinks and social media interaction unique to your business, is a formula to success that money alone cannot buy.

About Nicole Fox Noble

Nicole is the writer, social media wrangler and marketing consultant behind Bespoke Words; the blogger for Byron Bay Lifestyle at schnicka.com ; the co-owner of Noble Fox & Co


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