Marketing for Mobile Phones

Small businesses need to get their mobile mojo on!

Your website should already be mobile friendly.  If it isn’t – stop reading immediately and go do something about it!

Ok, now that the naughty ones have left the room…

Here is some updated data on why it’s so important to go beyond mobile ready and pro-actively market directly to your target mobile market.

In 2013 it is predicted:

  • That people will use their mobile phone more than their home PC for Internet purposes.

That fact alone should motivate you to start addressing your mobile customers, and when you do, keep in mind this golden nugget:

  • You can improve your click-through rate by up to 200% simply by clearly identifying and including your location in your content.

These 2 points are quick and easy to respond to.  The following infographic goes into further detail:
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How Mobile is Changing Business
Source: How Mobile is Changing Business – Infographic

Email : Newsletters, Updates, Special Offers, News

What do your customers think when they read your emails..?

email box

Small business put in some hard yards gathering email addresses. Building a subscription base of connections to whom you can send an email to is labour intensive.

Next is writing the email; you need a subject header that gets the reader in and avoids the spam box, and you need to make an offer they can’t refuse.

Once you’ve achieved all that – have you ever wondered exactly how your reader responds..?

Chris Hexton of Vero gets paid to ponder such things.  In this linked post he goes into detail without overkill about his investigation into how people respond to the average email, and what you can do to improve yours.

How Your Customers Actually Read Your Emails by Chris Hexton