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Infographically Speaking: The HOTTEST Words of 2013

Words words words! 2013 like every other year was full of keywords and buzzwords.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary Online and neatly graphed into pretty graphics by Offer Pop – these are the HOTTEST of the HOT words!  But be warned; just because you’re hot, doesn’t mean you’re still popular…

Selfie anyone?

The Hottest Words of 2013

The Hottest Words of 2013

Hiring a Copywriter to Write Your Content

Blog Post by Bespoke WordsWell written website content will enhance your digital presence on the Internet.

Good content is easy to read and gets to the point quickly. Great content will also enhance your SEO (search engine optimisation). Fresh is best when it comes to content. Keep the content on your website original and update regularly. Strong and healthy content will make your website stand out among your competitors online.

Writing and copyediting for the web is different to writing hard copy for offline purposes.  Strong web copy has 3 key elements:

  • simplicity
  • directness
  • keyword credibility
What about grammar and spelling? Spelling is important in any written content; everyone has ‘spell-check’, basic grammar editing and a dictionary.  However, there are subtle differences between web copy and offline business copy.  Paying a writer with web content experience will save you time and give you words that drive traffic to your website as well as being well written.

Digital Content 1-2-3

Blog Post by Bespoke WordsWriting online content is not easy.  Make it simple to find and read.  Don’t over think it and remember you are not the person who you want to read it.

  • Create, write and post good content. Make it interesting and relevant.
  • Post frequent and fresh content. Keep posts shorter and post more often.
  • Seek advice on the best time to post your content for greatest impact with your readers. Remember to respond when you receive comments.

“Let’s have some new clichés.”  ~  Samuel Goldwyn 

Digital Content Basics 1-2-3

Writing: Remember the Basics

Blog Post by Bespoke Words

Cracking the whip on digital content and copy editing!

[updated 13 July 2013]

I’m not a fan of “rules” – they can stifle your creativity…

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