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Infographically Speaking: The HOTTEST Words of 2013

Words words words! 2013 like every other year was full of keywords and buzzwords.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary Online and neatly graphed into pretty graphics by Offer Pop – these are the HOTTEST of the HOT words!  But be warned; just because you’re hot, doesn’t mean you’re still popular…

Selfie anyone?

The Hottest Words of 2013

The Hottest Words of 2013

Web site or website ?

This has been long debated and I’ve been pulled-up on it by several readers. The fact is that there is still division on the subject; some dictionaries and certain publishers still choose “Web site”. There are also differences occurring between UK, US and Australian English.

After doing some research, here is the overall consensus I reached. These are 10 widely recognised and reputable sources, with their chosen use:

AP Stylebook - website

The Australian Governmentwebsite

The Cambridge Dictionary online - website

(is the default for both UK and US English)

The Chicago Manual of Stylewebsite

Google – website

Microsoft Manual of Style  - Web site

The Oxford Dictionary onlinewebsite

Wikipedia – recognises and cites all forms: website, Web site and web site

WordPress spell check – website

Folks, I think we have a winner!
website or web site - Bespoke Words


Read Your Crowd : Audience & Readership Targeting


Once you have targeted the market specific to your business, you want to start feeding them with content. You may decide to blog,  link articles, post photographs or share content from specific sources – or use a combination of these.

Good strategy!  So now you have to learn to speak their language, while at the same time putting forward what you want them to know.

This can take time to perfect. Sometimes you are getting them to read something they didn’t set out to read, sometimes you are persuading them to change their mind, sometimes you are simply entertaining them. No matter what, you want your content to get read and be enjoyed. You also want your audience engaged and returning for more.

The parent-crowd won’t want X-rated content, but the tradies crowd might..? The weddings and babies crowd probably won’t be  interested in retirement homes. The outdoors and adventure types may not be engaged by articles related to gaming and junk-food. You get the picture…

In the same way that keywords will help deliver traffic to your website, you can keyword search the interests of your readers for ideas and content relevant to them, as well as inspiration for the best content you can deliver which is ORIGINAL CONTENT!

Last year I was enjoying a coffee in Byron Bay, NSW Australia. It is a beautiful part of the world known for attracting surfers and backpackers, and has a diverse and vibrant cultural arts and environment-conscious community.  All the current newspapers were being read by other patrons, but as I picked through the scrappy old selection that was left, I found a cover-less publication that contained this gem. The article itself contained serious nutritional and health information, but it was the image that got you in. In my opinion it is an excellent example of well crafted content, specifically targeted in an entertaining way.

Bespoke Words Audience Readership

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Infographically Speaking : Twitter Jargon, Tweet Slang, Colloquially Tweeting

Yo’! It’s time to get down with the lingo man,

Do you catch my drift? it’s a Twitter jam!

Yes ok – that was terrible. I’ll try to promise not to do it again.

When you’re on Twitter, do you ever feel like people seem to have put ‘tw-’ in front of every verb and ‘-weet’ at the end of every noun..? It’s like everything has become Twittermafied!

Well there’s an Infograph for that – a colourful glossary that will translate all the popular Tweetisms for you.



Social Good : CAPTCHA Takes A Stand

 Every so often someone comes up with some Social Good that makes you feel warm and furry.

A lot of websites use the Captcha ‘challenge-response test’ to sort out the bots from the humans. However, it’s a necessary function that is about as interesting as the ’404 Not Found’ error message, unless you’re the clever people at Civil Rights Defenders . They have come up with a CAPTCHA with a conscience.

Rather than seeing the usual distorted jibberish the user is shown a human rights fact and given three emotive word choices. The user chooses the word they feel describes their feelings about the human rights challenge presented in the Captcha box. In order to pass the anti-spam test you have to select the correct word – the one that shows “compassion and empathy”.

If you’re interested in giving this civil rights version of Captcha – head along to http://captcha.civilrightsdefenders.org/ .

I like it – what do you think..?